The Boat

“River Memories” is a 21 foot electric cruiser manufactured by the Duffy Electric Boat Company of California.  The style and appearance of the boat are reminiscent of the pleasure boats that use to “steam” up and down the Waccamaw River back in the early 1900’s.  Because “River Memories” runs on a very quiet electric motor, there’s no need to yell over the roar of an engine.  Instead, the Captain and his passengers can enjoy a peaceful ride and engage in quiet and personable conversation.  Furthermore, the boat is clean for the environment.  There’s no risk of polluting already fragile water supplies with petroleum products.  The boat is all weather capable to include a top, portable side enclosures, and has heat for year-round enjoyment.  “River Memories” is a US Coast Guard approved tour boat and has a capacity of 11 persons (the Captain plus 10 passengers).  A cruise on “River Memories” is the ultimate pleasure cruising experience – in comfort and style – for special times and special memories.